Unit 804, 8/F, Pan Asia Centre, Ngau Tau Kok, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

ak7 shou3《握手》

Both cassette player and violin emitting sound by touching. The range of the violin’s sound is changing by adding a new bow made by cassette player and tape. It no longer follows the standard pitch of a 12-tone scale in Western music, but also to include sounds outside that scale – sounds closer to the everyday person, as well as more tactile sounds.

ak7 shou3 is a new media art work composed by a violin and a cassette player. The bridge of the violin is attached with a magnetic head, and the cassette tape would be used as the violin bow; during the perform, each decisions made by the artist will influence the delicate interaction between the violin and tape; hence to reveal the interrelationship between the Past, the Present and the Future, and review into the behaviours as the results of a series thread of event.

I made a small controller tower with Arduino and coding by Mozzi. The arduino will emit VCO and a corresponding frequency pulse PWM signal. Then, I connect it to motor of violin bow which is attaching with the cassette tape. When I rotate those switches on the tower. The voice of the tower and the speed of motor will be changed.


ak7 shou3 《握手》(2016) 是由小提琴和卡式機改裝而成的新媒體藝術作品。在小提琴的琴馬上裝了磁頭,以卡式錄音帶作小提琴的弓;在彈奏時,藝術家不同的決擇,會為小提琴和卡式磁帶之間的互動產生微妙的關係。從而探討行為的因由是來自經歷一連串不同事件後的反應,表達過去、當下和未來之間的連鎖關係。




Exhibition and Performance – What Potions Have I Drunk of Siren Tears at A+ Contemporary, Shanghai, China

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Exhibition – CINEMA 2.0: The Phantom Machine” Media Art Exhibition cum The 22nd ifva Awards – Media Art Category Finalist Exhibition
photo credit: Emily Ng