medialogue: avaritia – silent greed

2017-09-02 Exhibition

Photo Credit: Cheung Chi Wai

Cheuk Wing-nam’s installation makes masterful use of sound and light to create an immersive environment that stirs feelings of anxiety and urgency. Inside each fluorescent yellow-lit glass bottle is a swiveling plastic piece that sounds the glass at different frequencies. The sound sculpture is visually evocative of moths to a flame, desperately seeking what will be their deaths, or fireflies in a jar, struggling to get out. Standing amidst this alcove of white noise, one is as if another fragment enclosed by a veil of sound.

Sound sculpture could be site-specific. This time, the sculpture is constructed in this 6-metre high place with 3 grids, so that the electric wire, grids and the sculpture could echo with the structure within the building. It is like the creatures not only are being surrounded by the sculpture itself, but also being under layer of black iron meshes within the building.