Unit 804, 8/F, Pan Asia Centre, Ngau Tau Kok, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Silence – Meditation in Blue and retune series @ Art Jakarta 2019

Dates|2019/08/30 – 09/01
Venue|Jakarta Convention Center

Participating Artists|
卓穎嵐Cheuk Wing Nam, 郭敬耘 Kuo Chin Yun , 蓼蕭Lu Xiao, 李政勳 Lee Zheng Hsun , 倪瑞宏Ni Jui Hung, 楊依香Yang Yi Shiang

VIP Preview|2019/08/30 (Fri.) 13:00 – 18:00
Vernissage|08/30 (Fri.) 19:00 – 21:00
Public Days|08/31-09/01 (Sat.-Sun.) 13:00-21:00

公共項目 Art Jakarta Spot 3|卓穎嵐Cheuk Wing Nam
Presented by Contemporary by GALERIE OVO

Cheuk Wing Nam (b. 1983, Hong Kong) is an interdisciplinary artist. She graduated in 2015 with a Master Degree in Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University and specialises in new media installations and sound sculptures. Her artworks combine new concepts of mixing sounds and other media with modern computer technology. For this year’s Art Jakarta Spot, Cheuk will show ’Silence – Meditation in Blue’, an interactive sound installation using turbine fans with water pipes. “At Art Jakarta 2019, my work will be transformed interactively: When people trigger the light beam on the floor the respective turbine fan will be switched on and the pipe will emit a sound.”, she explains.

At the age of 34, French artist Yves Klein thought that silence is really his symphony and not the sounds during its performance. The Monotone-Silence Symphony, which he wrote in 1947-48, is one of the most important works in art history. Although this work was not performed when he was alive. Klein’s work is conceptually a new synthesis of contemporary reality. It is described as Klein wrote: “This symphony of forty minutes duration (although that is of no importance, as one will see) consisted of one unique continuous sound, drawn out and deprived of its beginning and of its end, creating a feeling of vertigo and of aspiration outside of time…creating a sense of dizziness and freedom from time.” Cheuk uses the sensor to trigger the fan, making the sound with long tubes, representing the Monotone-Silence Symphony. Cheuk believes that there is no absolute tranquility on this earth, and she hopes, though her work, the audiences might find the silence from the contrast in the symphony. Cheuk also chose Yves Klein’s famous blue hue to make the space as a monochrome painting.

When audiences enter the room, their movements will trigger the sensors, and then the fans begin to emit sounds by blowing to the up righted long tubes. Each tube plays a note from the Monotone-Silence Symphony. It is the audiences’ choice to compose their own symphony by the route. When all the notes are triggered, the “Symphony” is completed.