Unit 804, 8/F, Pan Asia Centre, Ngau Tau Kok, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong



The modern garden is a place where we try to re-create and examine nature. We build glasshouses to host nature under controlled conditions so that we can appreciate it in a relatively frozen time. An exhibition in a gallery concerns a similar modality – the viewer peruses artworks in a specific environment, as if time stands still. However, the nature ‘out there’ consists of what the ‘nature’ sealed in a man-made garden cannot encompass. Variables such as air movements, temperature changes, and our physical sensations constitute the real energy that infuses life in nature. But perhaps, it is through a garden that we can see nature as much as our very own nature. Likewise, in a gallery, we can perhaps come close to art as much as we come close to ourselves.

The Garden is an exhibition like a garden in a glasshouse, but without plants. It is a garden not remembered in time; it is nature beyond the harmony of greenery; it is a glasshouse that celebrates motions in the environment. Curated by Enoch Cheng, who is both a curator and an artist, this exhibition includes artworks commissioned by the K11 Art Foundation. New works are produced by Cheng and five other Hong Kong-based artists including Shane Aspegren, Cheuk Wing Nam, Vvzela Kook, Andrew Luk, and Samuel Adam Swope. At the exhibition space, one also finds recent works by three other participating artists: Neïl Beloufa, Cai Kai, and Ian Cheng. Taking their inspirations from various aspects of nature in all its liveliness, all the artworks – installations and time-based media of art made up of, for instance, sound, video, sculpture, and performance – stimulate your senses and invite you to observe a space that is constantly changing. Strolling around the garden, you can temporarily forget about the secular world – you return to a space where you can spend time with a nature waiting to be discovered.


展覽「The Garden」是個沒有植物的溫室花園——它既在時間長河裡不著痕跡,也不流於綠意盎然的和諧意象;這樣一個花園,呈現的是環境的動感韻律。展覽由策展人鄭得恩策展,同時涉足藝術創作的他亦是參展藝術家之一,與Shane Aspegren、卓穎嵐、曲倩雯、陸浩明、Samuel Adam Swope這五位現居香港的藝術家一起,獲K11 Art Foundation委約創作新作;在這個展覽空間裡,還有Neïl Beloufa、蔡凱、鄭曦然三位參展藝術家近年創作的作品。這些作品靈感來自大自然的活潑姿態,觀眾漫步於花園之中,能暫且忘卻繁囂俗世,回歸一處,盡情發掘自然。

Andrew Luk, Cai Kai, Cheuk Wing Nam, Enoch Cheng, Ian Cheng, Neïl Beloufa, Samuel Adam Swope, Shane Aspegren, Vvzela Kook

Neïl Beloufa, Samuel Adam Swope, Shane Aspegren, 卓穎嵐, 曲倩雯, 蔡凱, 鄭得恩, 鄭曦然, 陸浩明

Enoch Cheng


Opening reception:
01.09.2017 (6–8pm)

01.09.2017 (下午6時至8時)

From Hang Hau MTR Station: minibus no.11, 11M, or 101M; From Choi Hung MTR Station: minibus no.11


Shuttle bus service on the date of opening reception:
Free shuttle service for exhibition visitors is available. Pickup point: Hang Hau MTR Station Exit A1; Departure time: 5:40pm, 6:10pm, 6:40pm, 7:10pm

當日設旅遊巴免費接載展覽訪客到chi art space,集合地點:坑口港鐵站A1出口;出發時間:下午5時40分、6時10分、6時40分、7時10分