This is my Art piece in an Exhibition – 248 days of school.
I call it Transistasis. Actually, it is a very serious topic which is talking about a society phenomenon.
I utilise a very essential mechanism in human body as a trigger – Negative Feedback mechanism.
However, I am apparently using a easy going method to execute my art work as I believe that art should be belong to everyone.

In the visual, you can read the definition by your body. At the same time, you will hear the news which reflex the society conflict.
I wish the audience would think of the society actually is a body. If we won’t do anything to maintain stability or to enrich ourselves from outside environment, the mechanism even the society would be collapsed finally.

Below is the full text projected on the wall:

Transistasis is the property of an open system, especially living organisms, to reform its functions to maintain a meaningful condition, by means of multiple dynamic equilibrium adjustments, controlled by interrelated regulation mechanisms. The term was coined from the Greek trans (across, beyond, on the opposite side) and stasis (to stand, posture).

The term is born in the sense of biological transistasis but most often used in the sense of sociological transistasis. Multicellular organisms require transistatic new functions in order to live beyond the reformations of the outside world ; many environmentalists believe this principle also applies to the internal environment. Many ecological, biological, and social systems are homeostatic and transistatic. They almost oppose change to maintain equilibrium but sometimes chose change to keep or get some functions or profits. If the system does not succeed in reestablishing its balance and functions, it may ultimately lead the system to stop functioning.

Complex systems, such as a human body, must have homeostasis and transistasis to maintain stability and to survive. These systems do not only have to endure to survive; they must adapt themselves and evolve to modifications of the environment.


這是我的媒體作品 – Transistasis




Transistasis是一個系統,尤其是在所有生物體,改革其功能來維持有意義的條件的體制,由多個動態平衡作出調整,相互關聯的調控機制控制手段。這個詞是來自希臘 Trans: 跨越,超越,在另一側和 stasis 站立,姿勢 。

這個術語誕生於生物感應的層面上,但最常見於在社會學的意義上使用。多細胞生物體需要從體制中改變成新的功能,去適應重新組合過來的外來環境; 許多環保人士認為這一體制也適用於內部環境。許多生態,生物和社會系統都是在穩態和反穩態之中交錯著 。他們幾乎反對變革以維持平衡,但有時選擇了改變,以保持或得到一些功能或利潤。如果系統沒有在成功地重建其平和功能,它最終可能導致系統停止運作。


Transistasis in opening1

Transistasis in opening2

Transistasis in opening3