Avaritia – Silent Greed (2015)

Avaritia – Silent Greed

Sound sculpture using DC motors with recycled wine bottles.

There is a silent sound, like sitting in a natural scenario. In the silence, they are addicted to the comfort zone, and to turn around in the bottle endlessly. While they want to get closer to this attractive light even though they could be killed in a second.
We may desire to fall into a pit of infinite depth, and by doing so exhaust ourselves in an endless effort to satisfy the desire without ever having gratification.

Showed in Symposium: Beyond the Sound and Living Sound Exhibition in May 2015.


Assemblage version showed in Sept 2015.

Video Credit: Wong Chun Hoi

Showed in Sonic Environment 2016 and NIME 2016.
Photo Credit: Sonic Environment 2016 and NIME 2016

Exhibited in Asia Society Hong Kong Center in 2017.

Image Courtesy of Asia Society Hong Kong Center and Artist.

  • Categories:

    new-media sound sound-sculpture
  • exhibition:

  • 2018 751 D.Park, 798 ArtDist (Dashanzi Art District), Beijing, China
  • 2017 Guan Shanyue Museum, Shenzhen, China
  • 2017 Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong
  • 2017 Leo Gallery, Shanghai, China
  • 2017 Asia Society Hong Kong Center, Hong Kong
  • 2016 Queensland Conservatorium, Brisbane, Australia
  • 2015 Floating Projects, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
  • 2015 Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
  • 2015 XXX Gallery, Hong Kong

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