Necropolis – City as Last Homes

Sound Sculpture – 13 stepper motors with arduino Mega 2560, sequence programmed by Max Msp

Today it is very common to travel: people migrate to other countries, they live in foreign countries for many years, they may even forget what their family members at home look like. However in this world of continuous movement the notion of “going home” at the end of one’s life – to rest in peace – still gives peace of mind. People may not have seen each other in a life time, but they take comfort in the prospect of staying together after life. This idea has never changed.

There is lot of island with the rotor. The invisible footstep is stepping the path, passing through the island into necropolis.

More Detail published on Common, Journal für Kunst & Öffentlichkeit, number 6, 2015. [Link]



Exhibited in Same Same But Different Exhibition in Connecting Spaces, Hong Kong and Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Zürich in Sept 2015. [Link]