Avaritia – Extravagant notion of aluminum 《貪婪・奇想》(2016)

Avaritia – Extravagant notion of aluminum 《貪婪・奇想》

People living in metropolitan have a habit, they like to go to the convenience store to buy something to drink. They won’t bring water bottles and it is hard to find water dispenser as well. As the result, many aluminum cans are abandoned. I start here – shanghai, collecting some aluminum cans, and imagine sound emitted from the process of manufacturing from the industrial area and burning incineration after disposed. They were struggling … and shaking… in the smoke of burning.

生活在大城市的人有一個習慣,他們喜歡去便利店去買東西飲,不喜歡帶水樽。因此鋁罐棄置的數量也有很多。我從這裡出發﹐收集很多鋁罐之後,幻想一下從工業區裡制造的過程有很多煙,棄置之後在焚化壚中燃燒時也有很多煙。好像他們在掙扎… 在震抖一樣…

  • Categories:

    sound sound-installation sound-sculpture
  • exhibition:

  • 2016 A+ contemporary, Shanghai, China
  • Special Thanks:

  • Andre Chan, Fio Du, 陳師傅

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