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由深圳關山月美術館於 2014 年首辦的「在路上」是個獨特的年度項目,到今年已是第五屆。每一年關山月美術館都會邀請超過15位來自中國及香港各大學院、藝術學校和美術館的策展人、藝評人和學者組成提名委員會,提名有前途的中國青年藝術家。再經過委員會選拔及策劃,其中約 20 到 30 位藝術家的作品就集結成一年一度的「作品提名展」。

《在路上》今年首次以「新媒體藝術」為主題,香港站的展覽就以《中國年輕媒體藝術家》為名,展出由提名委員會選出的 30 多位藝術家及6位城市大學創意媒體學院教師的作品。展覽一方面為中國當代媒體藝術現況作一個概括的描述,同時亦展示年輕藝術家們如何探索、控制、或是盤弄不同的媒體,把「新」「舊」媒體共冶一爐。


On the Road is a unique, annual project initiated in 2014 by the Guan Shanyue Art Museum,Shenzhen, here seen in its 2018 version. The process involves 15 curators, art critics and scholars, from major institutions, art schools and museums throughout China and Hong Kong, proposing a selection of promising young Chinese artists. This collective curatorial process results in the creation of an impressive “nomination exhibition” from which a final selection of the best 20-30 works is then made.

This year, for the first time in its history, the annual On the Road exhibition is dedicated to New Media Art. With the title Young Media Artists in China, the 30 or so works selected by the nominating committee (along with 6 contributions by the faculty of the School of Creative Media, CityU) provide a stimulating and exciting overview of the media art scene across China today, and demonstrates how young Chinese artists are exploring, manipulating, and playing with media, often combining both older and ‘newer’ media to new ends.

During the past 10 years the new media art scene has grown in size and quality in a country highly receptive to innovation. China’s own rich and unique history of image-making, painting and calligraphy, offers a tradition where time and space, black and white, sound and silence are often juxtaposed in a subtle dialogue made up of contrasts and complicity. Building on this tradition, with diverse and modern sensibilities, young Chinese media artists are digging new paths that leave firm tracks across the ever-changing field of contemporary art.

Artists list:
放射能 Atomic Visual Studio
卡娜 Carla Chan
陳家俊 Joseph Chan
陳陳陳 Chenchenchen
卓穎嵐 Cheuk Wing Lam
馮晨 Feng Chen
張瀚謙 Chris Cheung
Max Hattler Max Hattler
黃可一 Huang Keyi
葉旭耀 Ip Yuk Yiu
李俊成 Li Juncheng
林欣 Lin Xin
劉真辰 Liu Zhenchen
低科技藝術實驗室 Low Tech Art Lab
盧意 Lu Yi
盧杉 Lu Shan
李郁 + 劉波 Li Yu + Liu Bo
伍韶勁 Kingsley Ng
念家雯 Nian Jiawen
任遠 Ren Yuan
宋戈文 Song Gewen
斯沃普 Samuel Adam Swope
童昆鳥 Tong Kunniao
曲倩雯 Vvzela Kook
王郁洋 Wang Yuyang
王維思 Wang Weisi
黃智銓 Kenny Wong
吳玨輝 Wu Juehui
吳鑫玨 Wu Xinjue
許毅博 Xu Yibo
張海超 Zhang Haichao
林欣傑 Keith Lam
林妙玲 Lam Mui Ling
Tomás Laurenzo Tomás Laurenzo
托比亞斯.克萊恩 Tobias Klein
鄭波 Zheng Bo

Website: http://www.cityu.edu.hk/ontheroad/index.html