Unit 804, 8/F, Pan Asia Centre, Ngau Tau Kok, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Contagious Cities: Far Away, Too Close
26.01.2019 – 21.04.2019

由衛爾康基金會 呈獻
Presented by Wellcome Trust
大館F倉一樓、E 倉底層及D倉地下
F Hall 1/F, Lower E Hall and D Hall G/F, Tai Kwun

藝術家 Artists:

Blast Theory
陳翊朗 Oscar Chan Yik Long
鄭淑宜 Eastman Cheng
鄭得恩 Enoch Cheng
卓穎嵐 Cheuk Wing Nam
Gayle Chong Kwan
周育正 Chou Yu-cheng
黎清妍 Firenze Lai
徐世琪 Angela Su
王思順 Wang Sishun

Art exhibition curated by Ying Kwok for Tai Kwun Contemporary

Heritage exhibition curated by Tai Kwun Heritage Department

由衛爾康基金會呈獻,大館當代藝術部與文物事務部聯合舉辦的「疫症都市:既遠亦近」展覽,集中探索疫症的心理與情感面向⸺ 尤其是與人及其生活方式相關的方面。由郭瑛策展的當代藝術展覽包括本地、亞洲及國際藝術家。其次,歷史展覽部分探討腺鼠疫的歷史背景,揭示這些事件與香港的關係,以及對日常生活和城市發展帶來的永久改變。

「既遠亦近」將呈獻十名新晉及知名藝術家的全新作品,參與藝術家有陳翊朗、鄭淑宜、鄭得恩、卓穎嵐、Gayle Chong Kwan、周育正、黎清妍、徐世琪以及王思順。以研究為核心的展覽展出八件藝術家專為此次展覽特別創作的委約作品,包括徐世琪以錄像及表演為基礎的作品,探索展覽名稱所暗示的複雜含意;由周育正創作的嗅覺互動作品,激發衛生消毒及習慣養成的概念;以及鄭得恩創作的實驗式互動作品,帶領觀眾進入一場由聲音導航的大館之旅。展覽更將呈獻由世界衛生組織與衛爾康基金會共同合作,「疫症都市」日內瓦項目內,由駐英國藝術家組合Blast Theory創作的互動裝置《A Cluster of 17 Cases》,探討世界衛生組織如何回應2003年從香港維景酒店爆發的沙士病毒。



Contagious Cities: Far Away, Too Close, co-produced by the art and heritage teams of Tai Kwun, explores the psychological and emotional dimensions of disease and contagion, particularly in relation to people and their ways of life. The exhibition encompasses both an art exhibition—curated by Ying Kwok and featuring local, regional, and international artists—as well as a heritage exhibition that addresses the historical context of the Plague, revealing how this relates to the past and present of Hong Kong.

The art exhibition in Contagious Cities: Far Away, Too Close features new works by ten emerging and established artists: Oscar Chan Yik Long, Eastman Cheng, Enoch Cheng, Cheuk Wing Nam, Gayle Chong Kwan, Chou Yu-cheng, Firenze Lai, Angela Su and Wang Sishun. The research-led exhibition also includes works by eight artists that were specially commissioned for this exhibition, including Angela Su’s video- and performance-based work that explore the complicated implications of the project’s title; Chou Yu-cheng’s olfactorial work that conjures up ideas of sanitisation and habit-making; as well as a experiential and interactive work by Enoch Cheng that takes audience on a performative audio-led tour of Tai Kwun. The exhibition will also present UK-based artist collective Blast Theory’s A Cluster of 17 Cases, an interactive installation that explores the World Health Organization’s response to the 2003 spread of the SARS virus that started at the Metropole Hotel in Hong Kong; the work was a result of the first ever artists’ residency at the World Health Organization in Geneva.

Alongside the art exhibition is also an exhibition curated by the Heritage department at Tai Kwun, which showcases new angles about the outbreak of the Plague in 1894 in Hong Kong. One of the most important social incidents in early colonial Hong Kong, the aftermath of the Plague paved the way for changes in housing and land-use policies in subsequent years, as well as leading to increased public awareness of hygiene and health in general over the long run. The Heritage exhibition features stories about the people involved in the battle against the Plague—and indeed how this contagious disease shaped Hong Kong’s past and present.

This exhibition at Tai Kwun is part of the larger Contagious Cities project, an international collaborative project that aims to support locally grounded conversations around the global challenges of epidemic preparedness, presented by the Wellcome Trust. In Hong Kong, the city-wide project invites six local arts, culture and heritage partners to tell illuminating stories of the city’s history of epidemics—from the plague in the nineteenth century to the more recent SARS outbreak in 2003—and its impact on the society.

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